The perfect recipe for tea time

Updated: Aug 22

What do the British do between 4 and 5 pm? Afternoon tea! Fine tea accompanied by sweet or savoury delights has been enjoyed in the afternoon in the UK since the mid 19th century. An endearing tradition that has long since become popular beyond the borders of Great Britain. People get together in hotels, tea rooms and bars all over the world for afternoon tea and stave off their “hunger pangs” with scones, shortbread or wafer-thin sandwiches.

Loose leaf black tea in a white bowel with a cup of tea

Tea parties are also held in private homes. You and your good friends can treat yourselves to tea as well as a glass (or two) of champagne or sherry. And some me time with a cuppa will do you the world of good – simply unwind, snuggle up on the couch and drink your favourite beverage. After all, a fragrant tea can work wonders – stimulating, relaxing or refreshing, whatever you feel like.

It makes no difference whether you prefer brewing your favourite tea simply in a mug or serving it in a teapot in style, beautiful tea tableware will always make teatime more enjoyable. Tea lovers with a sense of design are in good hands at Villeroy & Boch. The Tea Passion collection is a harmonious composition of various geometric shapes that help teas unveil their fine aromas – available in classic pure white or with a pattern. The expressive Tea Passion Medina décor is inspired by traditional Moroccan patterns and combines decorative artistic features with abstract elements in a finely graduated spectrum of vibrant blue shades. The result is both exciting and magical – the perfect choice for exotic tea pleasure.

Both Tea Passion versions have a cup with a saucer and three mugs for different teas: the subtle flavour of white tea develops to perfection in a round mug, while the stimulating effects of green tea are enhanced by a slightly tapered tea cup and black tea reveals its true character in a straight mug. A teapot with an extra-wide opening and large filter, a smart sugar and milk set and a practical tea caddy add the finishing touch. And a teapot warmer specifically designed to accommodate the shape of the teapot ensures your favourite tea will always have the right temperature – what more would you want!

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