Incorporate loose leaf decaf caffeine free tea into your morning

Updated: Aug 19

Tea is not only delicious, but it can also soothe you when you need to relax or energize you when you need an extra boost. This drink has many health benefits and there are endless varieties and flavours to choose from. It all depends on how you feel.

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Below are 8 simple ways to integrate tea into your daily ritual.


Instead of making coffee each morning, try a cup of rich, full-bodied tea.Tea is much simpler to prepare than coffee. Most of the time, you need a machine to make a cup of coffee and sometimes you even have to grind the coffee beans. All that’s involved in making tea is adding tea to water that has just boiled. Tea is a natural energizer that stimulates the body in the same way as a cup of coffee. Tea allows you to start your day with ease and comfort.

Do you prefer cold infusions to hot tea? Before bedtime, make a pitcher of tea (use one teabag per cup) and allow to infuse for approximately three minutes. Refrigerate the infusion and wake up to a delicious iced tea.


When you’re feeling tired or stressed at work or when you’ve hit the afternoon slump, it’s time for a tea break!

Take a minute to relax. Make a cup of tea and sit down. Let the steam heat your face, breathe in the aroma and enjoy warming your hands on the cup. Before you’ve even taken a sip, you’re on the road to a better state of mind.


Naturally, we suggest that you drink tea, but you can also eat it!

There are many incredible tea-based recipes, from Tea Energy Balls to Smoked Salmon with Sencha Green Tea. You can find recipes for many other delicious dishes using tea in our Recipes section.


You don’t have to break your healthy tea-drinking habits simply because you are a road (or air) warrior. Add one more item to your carry-on bag, a jasmine tea or a chai black tea perhaps.

Would you like an energy boost for a meeting (and fresh breath) in the time it takes to hit the snooze button? Bring a flavourful mint tea with you!


Tea is a wonderfully versatile ingredient in delicious cocktails. At any time of the day, tea can easily transform a classic like mulled wine, add a delicate flavour to a glass of champagne or a touch of elegance to a punch or cocktail. Try our Green Spirit gin and tonic.


Have you ever experienced a tea bath? All you have to do is fill a tea infuser with tea leaves and pop it in your bath. Alternatively, you can simply add teabags to the bath! Ginger and green tea boost detoxification, peppermint will energize you and chamomile aids relaxation.

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After spending about an hour at the gym, you must feed your body something healthy so that you can recuperate quickly. A cup of tea and an energy-rich snack will promote a healthy response to inflammation associated with exercise.


Drinking a cup of hot tea or a soothing herbal tea before bedtime is a relaxing way to unwind after a busy day. Our Chamomile Ginger tea can relieve anxiety. Our Peaceful Dreams herbal tea can also help you relax at the end of the day. Don’t forget to check that the tea you prepare before bedtime contains little or no caffeine. Choose herbal teas!

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There are several other effective ways to incorporate tea into your daily routine. A cup in the early hours of the morning, a relaxing afternoon tea, a pick-me-up in the office, after a meal, a fragrant way to warm yourself up…

A cup of tea every day is good for your body and mind!

Are you a tea drinker? What is your favourite time to enjoy a cup of tea?

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